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BOTIL, (formerly Baker Oil Tools India Pvt Ltd ), was registered as a Join venture Company in India in the late 80's with Baker Hughes, formerly Bake international (Baker Oil Tools Davison) acquiring 40% equity, the remaining 60% being held by India interest. Technology to BOTIL was irreversibly transferred by Baker Hughes  (Baker Oil Tools Davison) against payment of a pre-agreed sum.


BOTIL'S commenced commercial production in 1989 and has been manufacturing products based on original drawings obtained from Baker Hughes. In 1995 Baker Hughes sold their 40%equity shareholding in BOTIL following which BOTIL has  no relationship whatsoever with Baker Hughes(Baker Oil Tools Davison) and BOTIL continues to manufacture and market products based on the technology obtained from Baker Hughes updated to current industry standards, and has widened its scope of  manufactory adding additional  items of Down Hole Drilling &production equipment which have been widely accepted by the oil industry as is proved by the exponential increase in sales.


BOTIL'S product quality was originally governed by the QA guidelines annunciated and adopted by the Baker Hughes (Baker Oil Tools plants worldwide). We have since  acquired the prestigious ISO-9001Certificattion, in addition to API Q1 1994 Accreditation, and are regularly audited by DNV to ensure compliance is assured  by training, inspection, surveillance and periodic audits of the various elements.


All products manufactured under the BOTIL QA program are of the highest  quality at the lowest practical cost supported by required documentation. which is verified and on file. BOTIL has traceability programme in place allowing to track down the origin of a mal-function, if any, be it due to row-material or production / inspection procedures.


BOTIL'S competitive thrust has been achieved by stringent adherence to  specification and  Quality Assurance programme coupled with the systematic upgrading of manufacturing facilities and enhancement of BOTIL'S capacity to meet increase domestic &export demands. To achieve this objective this objective, BOTIL will be relocating to state–of–the–art manufacturing facility (twice the  existing size) around April, 2009.  

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Al-Ghaith is dedicated to provide the best most reliable and rugged tubular handling equipment to the Oil & Gas industry. Al-Ghaith is qualified to handle all sizes of tubular and equipment for Casing and Tubing and Making–up Services. Al-Ghaith is equipped by special equipment and relevant tools for running the different sizes of CRA tubular in the high corrosive gas wells contain H2S & CO2.

Al-Ghaith is working successfully with major Oil companies in region such as ADMA-OPCO, ZADCO, ADCO, ARAMCO, Qatar Petroleum, RasGas Qatar,  ………. Through on-going contracts with them and is  succeeded to receive many  appreciation letters  due to its high quality services and the best working performance and safety achievement.  

In this regards, Al-Ghaith recently has signed a casing & tubing running services contract with  SINOPEC International Petroleum and Production Corporation (IRAN) and currently is providing the same services for  Yadavaran Oilfield Development Project – Phase 1.

The objective of project is to drill 47 wells by utilizing of 7 Nos. onshore drilling rigs plus 2 Nos. work-over rigs. In this regards, Al-Ghaith has mobilized  5 complete sets of Casing Running equipment to meet the project requirement.